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Shanghai Mg Chemical CO.,LTD. is a member of zhejiang runtu co.,ltd.the shanghai branch office of runtu,the main products is exporting dyestuffs and intermediate,also we import intermediate from oversea.Zhejiang Runtu Co .Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise founded in 1986. We are mainly specializing in manufacturing and selling disperse dyes, cationic dyes,, reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulphur dyes, , acid dyes, chemical intermediates, printing & dyeing auxiliary agents for textile, sodium hydrosulfite and sulfuric acid. At present, we are Province grade hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang province, one of "five- one- batch enterprises" supported ...
Disperse dyes Vat dyes
High fastness of disperse dyes Dye cake
Reactive Indigo seriess
  Vulcanized dyes Textile auxiliaries
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