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Shanghai Mg Chemical CO.,LTD. is a member of zhejiang runtu co.,ltd.the shanghai branch office of runtu,the main products is exporting dyestuffs and intermediate,also we import intermediate from oversea.Zhejiang Runtu Co .Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise founded in 1986. We are mainly specializing in manufacturing and selling disperse
dyes,cationic dyes,, reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulphur dyes, , acid dyes, chemical intermediates, printing & dyeing auxiliary agents for textile, sodium hydrosulfite and sulfuric acid. At present, we are Province grade hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang province, one of "five- one- batch enterprises" supported by Zhejiang government, the executive director unit of China dyes industry association, one of top-100 companies of Zhejiang province and AAA taxpayer of Zhejiang province.
Runtu presently possesses a land of 600000 square meters, a total asset of RMB 1.6 billion Yuan and 2,900 employees, including 2 foreign experts, 2 professors, 8 senior engineers and 90 technicians. At present, there are over 58 pieces of leading enclosed type automatic dyestuff production lines inside Runtu, the annual throughput is over 150,000 tons, including 100,000 tons of disperse dyes, 6,000 tons of cationic dyes and 20,000 tons of reactive dyes. Runtu now is one of biggest dyes production bases in the world. Moreover, as an ISO9001: 2000 quality system and ISO14001:2004 environment system approved company, we have passed the acceptance inspection of clean production of Zhejiang province and have registered "Longyu", "Runtu" and " DRAGONPERS" as our trademarks: "Runtu" now is the "Famous brand" of Zhejiang province, "Runtu" disperse dyes are the "Famous branded products " of Zhejiang province, and the trade name of "Runtu" is the "Famous trade name" of Zhejiang province too. In 2005, Runtu was approved as the Hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang province.

In fiscal year of 2005, Runtu produced RMB 3.1 billion Yuan of products ( 25.8% increase ) , sold RMB 3 billion Yuan of products ( 26.6% increase) and paid RMB 140.78 million Yuan of tax (45% increase); the total profits were RMB 388,89 0,000 Yuan ( 26.7% increase) . In this year, about USD 50 million of "Runtu" disperse dyes were exported by Runtu, the market share of "Runtu" disperse dyes in China had increased to 30%.

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友情链接: 砂岩雕塑园林雕塑玻璃钢雕塑校园雕塑城市雕塑人物肖像浮雕砂岩浮雕假山制作中国雕塑网雕塑达州雕塑网href="http://www.xueyunpiano.com"title="钢琴出租">钢琴出租上海琴行二手钢琴
友情链接: 砂岩雕塑园林雕塑玻璃钢雕塑校园雕塑城市雕塑人物肖像浮雕砂岩浮雕假山制作中国雕塑网雕塑达州雕塑网href="http://www.xueyunpiano.com"title="钢琴出租">钢琴出租上海琴行二手钢琴